OBS XIII (29./30./31. Mai 2009)
I Am Kloot , Baskery, Get Well Soon, Gods Of Blitz , Washington, Real Ones, Benedicte Braenden, Tenfold Loadstar, Black Rust, Kristofer Ragnstam, Marissa Nadler & Band, The Band Of Heathens, Kristofer Aström & Rainaways, Chris Eckman & The Last Side Of The Mountain Band, Boy Division, Baby Universal, The Miserable Rich, The Fabulous Penetrators, Maria Taylor

OBS XIV (21./22./23. Mai 2010)
Unbunny, Earthbend, Wovenhand, William Fitzsimmons, Champions, The Innits feat. Schneider FM, Garda, The Death Letters, Dirtmusic/Tamikrest, Kashmir, Kante, The Fog Joggers, Saint Silas Intercession, Golden Kanine, Gemma Ray, Murder By Death, The Godfathers, Savoy Grand, The Backroom Music Club, Jukejoint Pimps

OBS XV (10./11./12. Juni 2011)
Gisbert zu Knyphausen, The Great Crusades, Golden Kanine, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Madison Violet, Young Rebel Set, Tamikrest, Washington (surprise act), Miraculous Mule, Dan Mangan, Emily Jane White, Wallis Bird, Holmes, Marie Fisker, C-Types, The Great Bertholinis, Hellsingland Underground, Who Knew, Talking To Turtles, Rocco Recycle, Christina Bacher

OBS XVI (25./26./27. Mai 2012)
Spain, Scott Matthew, Erland & The Carnival, The Fuzztones, Nive Nielsen & The deer Children, Christian Kjellvander, The Miserable Rich, Navel, Immanu El, Israel Nash Gripka, ClickClickDecker, ORPH, The Flying Eyes, The Travelling Band, The Frictions (surprise act), The Fog Joggers, Andrea Schroeder, The Moon Invaders, Alamo Race Track, Rocco Recycle, Horst With No Name, Skurilli, Crocozebrá, Stag-O-Lee Dj-Team

OBS XVII (17./18./19. Mai 2013)
Tyson, Dry The River, Nick Waterhouse, Come, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, Caroline Keating, Murder By Death (surprise act), Blaudzun, Christine Owman,The DeSoto Caucus, The Flaming Stars, Evening Hymns, Treetop Flyers, Skinny Lister, Steaming Satellites, The Fabulous Penetrators, Mick Flannery, We Invented Paris, Torpus & The Art Directors, Daniel Norgren, Crocozebrá, Boy Division, Mighty Mike

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